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Our Territory


Barbaresco is a wonderful village, known for its excellent products and its wonderful and unique landscape. The view in the vines welcomes you as soon as you enter the town, made up small, picturesque houses and wonderful historic buildings. In the center, you will find several landmarks not to be missed: the medieval tower, the St. John the Baptist’s Church, the Castle of Barbaresco, the city hall, and St. Donato church. Hidden among the hills, you can find a lot of friendly and welcoming restaurants where you can taste delicious traditional dishes paired with great Piedmontese wines. The territory is full of wineries that strive daily to produce excellent wines and to meet the needs of their customers. Each winemaker, in fact, represents the land: respecting the tradition and making his own wines. One of the strengths of our town is the cooperation among winemakers and the sharing of the same values and ideals. Selfishness is undoubtedly a weakness and that is why we trust and give space to the other producers on our territory. We don’t consider them as competitors, but rather as partners.


The Langhe is a land of high-quality wines and food and beautiful landscapes. Each hill is a small work of art where shapes and colors create harmonious expressions of grace and equilibrium.
In 2014 Langhe and Roero were nominated as UNESCO patrimony in order to make the world recognize the value of the amazing landscape of Piemontese wines.

It is a diverse landscape, in which the culture and traditions linked to the wine display themselves in different aspects of everyday life including literature, art, festivities, gastronomy and language.
Barbaresco is one of the most prestigious enological areas in the world; it should be visited slowly, appreciating every hill and panoramic view in order to rediscover the rare pleasure made up of peace and nature. It is a beautiful union of culture, grace and good wine, linked to the pace of nature, which dictates the vacation period.
This territory is characterized by different activities linked not only to art. Concerts, shows and expositions take place every day, enchanting both tourists and citizens. Thanks to guided tours, every known or unknown part of the landscape can be discovered.
During springtime and in the period of “Truffle Fair” there are many activities dedicated to the discovery of our territory. Langhe is a place worth to be visited – once you are here, you can choose to visit museums, do sport and outdoor activities, or indulge in the offerings of the great wineries and chefs.


Our art exposition project in the winery was born from our perception of art as incentive for community life, able to captivate, innovate and develop the territory and the cultural richness of its inhabitants.

Moreover, this project represents our way of managing a winery with free mind (and bit of madness), which is needed when you want to be out of the ordinary.

The idea is to unite the work in the vineyard and in the winery with the word of art, creating a revolutionary combination: art and wine.

Two high-quality products of the Made in Italy, united by a lifestyle that supports creativity, good taste and pleasure.

Therefore, starting from 2013, Cascina Albano holds art expositions of local emerging artists.

Over the year, in specific seasons, different works of art will be exposed, enriching the rooms where the wines, our works of art, are ageing.
Cascina Albano is becoming a place where you can enjoy the amazing view of the hills, breathe a creative and original atmosphere and last but not least, appreciate the unique expression of the wines from Langhe e Roero.