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About Us



Cascina Albano was born in the heart of Langhe, on the hills of Barbaresco, from Vacca family, who has been now producing wines for more than three generations. The winery was founded by grandfather Marco and his son Natale at the beginning of the 80s. Passionate about the land where they were born, they decided to name the winery after the hill on which it sits: Alban, which means “kissed by the early sunshine.” Cascina Albano has always had a dynamic soul. Since the arrival of Natale, who represents the second generation, the winery started to research more on the techniques in order to improve the way of working both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The focus of our company has always been the respect of nature and the will to convey passion and true sensations through our products.
After completing his studies on Viniculture and Enology, Marco, Natale’s son and Cascina Albano third generation, introduced natural and eco-friendly agriculture. The passion for our job and the fascinating relationship between vines and man, give us the courage to improve every day the expression of our land and our history through our wines. They are able, like a never-ending book, to tell the story about the harmony between the different parts. Modern creativity together with a focused vision of agriculture and enology, allows us to enhance the unique features of our wines and our hills. In every sip of one of our wines, you will find the meticulousness and passion of grandfather Marco, the patience and braveness of Natale, and the creativity and global view of Marco.


We believe that the land can give the wine all the qualities and the energy that characterize it, enriching every single glass. That is why Cascina Albano has undertaken different activities for the respect of the environment in which we are working and to guarantee the health of the soil, the air and the grapes. All our agricultural choices are carefully chosen to enhance our land and to make the vineyards grow in the best conditions possible. Each part of the production is an ecosystem that we are trying to respect and improve every day.
It is not only about avoiding the usage of pesticides, weed killer or synthetic products, but it is about focusing on the soil fertility. Only respecting and reinvigorating our land we can have pure and authentic fruits. Every year Cascina Albano gives birth to some new projects welcoming them and making them grow in the best way possible, like a careful mother does: green manure, composting, the recycle of rainwater, aromatic bushes, the winery’s vegetable garden and furthermore ideas that we will discover together year by year. According to us the preservation of the environment does not only involve the correct management of the vineyards, but involves also the respect for the wine landscape, a work of art created by the man when in absolute harmony with nature.


The philosophy of our winery has always been looking at the wine as a fruit from the earth, worked and preserved as an act of love. That is why we reduce the technological intervention to the very minimum, just to enhance the quality of the fruit given by the vines and to give you a genuine product.
Trying not to modify the perfect equilibrium created by the nature in the grapes, we customize each product respecting the local agricultural tradition. We only use indigenous yeasts for the alcoholic fermentation, and we respect the moon phases from harvest time to the bottling. In this way we can produce authentic wines with a low level of sulphites in order to protect the health of our clients and in order to make available for everyone the pleasure of drinking a glass of wine.


“Drinking Well,” as a symbol of love for oneself. Offering our customers exclusively high-quality wines is our daily commitment. When we talk about drinking well, we are not only referring to the aspect of taste, but rather, to a tool that allows for the discovery of the history and the tradition of viticulture and Italian enology, that have always been connected to authentic passions and emotions. For us, the raw materials are always the main characters, both for our wines produced under traditional methods as well as for the more creative ones. With excellent wines and innovative ideas, we want to bring to life the atmosphere and the aromas of Langhe, blending in a perfect balance memory of the past and present emotions. Cascina Albano carefully follows every step of the production, from the vines to the bottle, that is why like to define them MADE WITH LOVE®.
The philosophy of Cascina Albano is based on creating wines that will preserve all the qualities, flavors, colors and aromas present during their production. We also want to display their story and personality through the labels, small works of art where poetry and images come together. Discovering Cascina Albano means discovering the tradition, perfectly blended with quality and creativity, all while living a sincere and unforgettable experience.


Respect for tradition did not prevent the younger generation to take advantage of new technologies and eco-friendly products, which have enabled the production of quality wines with low environmental impact.
Cascina Albano has invested a lot of resources and energy in the search for eco-friendly wine packaging. In fact, the company uses only lighter bottles when possible and created with recycled glass. The labels are printed on recycled paper and wine cartons are made of 95% recycled cardboard.
Moreover, even all the printed material such as business cards and company brochures were produced on recycled paper and FSC ®-certified in order to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment.
Cascina Albano also engages in the recycling of corks, in fact, in addition to using only natural cork, the winery has a separate collection of cork that will be used again for further purposes.
Each supplier of Cascina Albano was selected because akin to the company principles and active in environmental protection.


All our products are made with love; through their excellence, they aim to be a positive addition to the Italian territory. They are created following the five principles of the business ethic: loyalty, respect, security, creativity and altruism. We strive to uphold these fundamental values with our customers and partners.
We strive daily to respect nature and our territory by protecting the environment, working in a professional way, searching product integrity and quality, as well as showing respect for people.