Charmat Method sparkling wine sCiarMat

History and facts

The sparkling wine “sCiarMat” is the craziest wine from Cascina Albano, created in response to our customers’ desire for fresh and fruity Italian bubbles. sCiarMat magically displays a land of great wines with a young style, respecting the tradition of the Charmat Method. With its pleasing character and modern spirit, sCiarMat is a typical Italian, aperitivo-style wine.

The Label

The name “sCiarMat”, which translates to “the clearly crazy one” in Piedmont dialect, reflects his personality in each bottle. Thanks to its neat and explosive perlage, sCiarMat is different from any other Charmat Method wines. It’s actually him! The clearly crazy one, depicted on the label. He takes us to a surreal place, in which the inebriating bubbles, depicted by the pearly white label, and the floral aromas, portrayed by the card in his left hand, come to life. The little kitten above his hat symbolizes the small amount of residual sugar present in the wine, typical of an extra-dry sparkling wine. He is truly a charmer, that crazy one, he is capable of making everyone fall in love with each sip.

Tasting notes

The wine is characterized by its straw color with greenish hues. When poured into the glass, the perlage is brilliant and intense. These tiny bubbles are a reminder of the slow secondary fermentation. On the nose are notes of fresh fruit, oven baked biscuits, and linden. On the palate, sCiarMat has a pleasant enveloping mouthfeel; hints of peaches and orange blossom stand out. The slightly sour feeling highlights the innovative personality. Its smooth acidity gives freshness and a full, long lasting finish.

Serving suggestions

sCiarMat is best enjoyed between 8 and 10°C, served in a medium size glass. Versatile, fresh, and with moderate alcohol, sCiarMat lends itself to many occasions – from aperitif to dessert, from basic appetizers to more complex entrées. Thanks to a very small dosage, it goes perfectly with a number of vegetable dishes, such as radicchio and asparagus. It’s great with risotto, white meet and vegetable soup too.