History and facts

Cascina Albano created the first oak-aged Barbera d’Alba in 2001. From that date on, the Barbera has constantly improved its balance between barrel-infused aromas and the decisive character of the wine. Inspired by the elegance of nature, this oak-finished Barbera d’Alba makes you relive the atmosphere of the past. As you taste it, you will notice the delicate notes of vanilla and spices that characterize this wine. An unique wine, it is ideal for a night with friends or for special occasions.

The Label

etichetta Barbera d’Alba DOC Invecchiato in Botte

The dark blue color reflects the personality of this self-confident and refined wine. There is a man with a bicycle who is as interesting, simple and elegant as only this wine can be. The wind moving the tie reminds of the wine, which is enhanced through single-variety vinification, giving it freshness and a slight acidity. The poem is about a wine which lasts throughout time and which is able to amaze by showing love for the tradition and tranquility.

Production zone

The grapes come from Guyot-trained vines located in different cities in Langhe and Roero. The soils are rich in compact clay marl alternating with calcareous marl.


The wine is produced following the traditional vinification method – it is obtained from Barbera grapes, picked in 25-kg lugs and vinified alone. After its fermentation in temperature-controlled (28-30°C) stainless-steel vats, the wine goes through a spontaneous malolactic fermentation, which lasts throughout the end of November. Afterwards, it is aged for several months in oak barrels to achieve the perfect ripeness. There is no fixed oak-aging period, but it varies according to the specific vintage. In order to preserve the character of the Barbera, both new and used small barrels are employed in the aging process. After the oak-aging period, the wine is bottled with waning moon and left to age there in order to reach the best balance.

Tasting notes

The color is dark ruby red with violet hues. The nose is a triumph of ripe fruit, with intense aromas of plums and blackberries and spicy notes reminiscent of cinnamon. The fruity and toasted aromas are in perfect balance, with notes of vanilla, almond and cocoa. On the palate the wine is well-rounded and full-bodied, its fruity notes blending beautifully with the soft tannins. The finish is very persistent, with a slight sourness enhanced by a strong scents of berry jam.

Serving suggestions

Serve at 16°C, after a slight oxygenation, in medium-sized glasses. It goes well with red meats and game cooked in sauces, smoked meats and roasts, as well as aged cheeses. It is an ideal meditation wine and it pairs well with chocolate and pistachio creams.