Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

History and facts

The name Nebbiolo seems to come from the word ‘nebbia’ that in Italian means ‘fog’. It can refer to the characteristics of the grape, dark and sheer because of the bloom, or to its late ripening so that in the past the harvest was happening in the first autumnal foggy days of November.
It was first mentioned in historical works at the end of 200s, talking about its diffusion in many areas, especially in Piedmont. Starting from the XIX century it is frequently quoted in the most famous ampelographic works. Nowadays it is considered without any doubt the king of Langhe region.

The Label

The traditional carnival mask from Piedmont, called Gianduja, evolves in a puck-rock way. This revolutionary image expresses the idea that Cascina Albano has about Langhe Nebbiolo. Elegance and tradition typical of the variety are transformed in pure energy. It is bold and overwhelming, able to surprise us from the first sip for its depth and complexity.

Production zone

The grapes are coming from Guyot-trained vines. The soil is rich in compact clayey and calcareous marls.


The selected grapes are hand-picked. The must, after a delicate crushing, is vinified in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats. When the must is together with the skins, the wine is constantly monitored in order to avoid an excessive extraction of tannins. Afterwards, the wine goes through a spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Langhe Nebbiolo is bottled between spring and summer time with waning moon so to preserve the aromas of the variety at their best.

Tasting notes

Nebbiolo is characterized by an intense ruby red color with garnet hues. The nose is rich in fresh fruits with distinctive notes of cherry, raspberry and spiced hints. On the palate it is dry, balanced and round with a perfect balance between fruity notes, marked tannins and elegant acidity. The finish is long thanks to the strong structure of the tannins enhanced by the fruity aftertaste. It is a pleasantly complex wine with an unique touch making it different from the others. Langhe Nebbiolo is very suitable for ageing.

Serving suggestions

Serve at 16°C in wide-size glasses. It pairs perfectly with savory first dishes, red meat or game and hard cheeses.