Spumante Metodo Classico PerSchers

Spumante Metodo Classico PerSchers

History and facts

The high-quality sparkling wine “PerSchers” was born in 2008 as a challenge to enhance our hills, showing them through an original champenoise-method sparkling wine. PerSchers is rare and precious due to its uniqueness and to the tight link with the territory. It is made from a white grapes cuvée.


The Label

The label reflects the proprieties and the story of the wine following Cascina Albano style. The will to dare meets the traditional champenoise-method and comes out in the draw of a lady with aristocratic hairs, typical of eighteen century. She is having a bath and the bubbles remind to the thin PerSchers perlage, which, as the poem says, never stops surprising us. The colors and the silver represents the structure of the wine and its complex and elegant perfumes.


The grapes, which are pickled in the first hours of the morning, are put to a soft pressing, separating the freerunning must from the peels. The must is kept in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats for the static settling and then it is vinified under controlled temperatures and pressure. The malolactic fermentation is avoided, thanks to the preservation of the wine at low temperatures. During spring time, the wine has a second fermentation; this process is made in bottle and it is followed by a period of sur-lie aging in a fresh and dark room in the cellar. All this is made following the exact champenoise-method process.

Tasting notes

PerSchers is obtained from the vinification of grapes which, thanks to the manual early harvest, release a natural freshness and sourness. After a long period of sur-lie aging, PerSchers goes on to the phase of disgorgement. When served, it discloses a persistent perlage, the color is a brilliant straw yellow with delicate greenish hues. The subtle and persistent perlage whets the sight and the palate. It discloses a fresh and intense bouquet, recalling tropical fruits, lime and bread crust. On the palate, it is rich and fullbodied thanks to the high-quality grapes and to the territory in which they grow. Intense aromas of fresh fruit, citrus and sage together with a pleasant note of toasted dried fruit, make this wine fresh, smooth and delicious. The finish is lasting and persistent with sapid and aromatic sensations.

Serving suggestions

Serve between 10-12°C in tulip-shaped glasses. It pairs well with aperitifs, and starters. Thanks to its great personality, it is ideal to be served along the entire meal. It is particularly recommended with shellfish, fresh pasta dishes, risotto, eggs, mushrooms and lots of Asian dishes.