History and facts

Our first bottle of rosato wine was born in 2013; it is a wine with a strong personality and exquisite aromas. It is produced from a red grapes cuvée and it was created as a challenge to meet the needs of the most original and refined customers. This rosato is perfect for those who are never satisfied and want to be inventive.

The Label

The label is simply white. It is a white “canvas” on which you can free your creativity and be yourself by designing the wine label. No restriction, no boundaries, no prearranged label. It is just like our rosato wine, which was born from creativity and impulse and established by instinct. It is a real artistic attack, characterized by intense aromas and surprising freshness. Each customer will be the artist, helped by the aromas of the wine, the rhythm of the poem and by the flow of thoughts.


The hand picked grapes are directly put to a soft pressing. The free-running must is separated from the skins and, after a static settling, it is vinified in temperature and pression controlled stainless-steel vats. The malolactic fermentation is avoided thanks to the preservation of the wine at low temperatures. The thin dregs are refined for a few months in order to prevent the oxidation and enhance the aromatic qualities. After the cold stabilization, the wine is bottled in the Spring.

Tasting notes

It has an intense pink color with pale orange hues and strong red fruits aromas recalling especially strawberry and cherry. It is rich in sweet notes and characterized by slight spicy scents recalling the white pepper. At the palate it is fresh and well-rounded with the typical aromas coming from the original grapes. It is persistent and pleasantly soft, characterized by smooth tannins. The fresh acidity makes the aftertaste persistent.

Serving suggestions

Serve between 13-15°C in middle-size glasses. Ideal as an aperitif, it pairs well with delicate or slightly smoked salami, stuffed or gratinéed pasta. It is ideal also to accompany poultry and aromatic white meat, truffle and fresh, delicate cheese.