Loving, believing, daring…

Cascina Albano has always invested in their vines, respecting the land and using innovative technology. Today, the winery has 7 hectares worth of vineyards, carefully cultivated and placed in important areas of Langa and Roero.

Following the tradition, some of the most famous Piemontese vines have been planted over the years: Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Freisa, and Arneis, as well as international vines like Chardonnay.

For many years now, the winery is committed to avoid using harmful substances for the environment, favoring biodiversity and guaranteeing the health of the grapes produced. The work in the vineyards is performed manually, aided by the usage of some agricultural machinery. All of the grapes of the winery are selected and picked by hand, using 25-kg harvest lugs.

Thanks to the small size of the winery and to the great dedication of our family, all of our work is done meticulously, from the planting of the vines to the sale of the final product. This allows for a high-quality product, with a great personality and originality, its roots originating in the values of commitment and tradition.

For us, every bottle is a symbol of love.

We trust the future

Every year, we start our work in the vineyards with maximum commitment, envisioning the next harvest, yet still not knowing the events that could affect the growth and picking of the grapes.
The atmospheric and temporal horizon is so far that it appears unknown. So all we have to do is to strive in caring for the plants, handle the soil with love, respect the agrosystem and work hard to reach the goal, knowing that the fruits will be picked in the future.

For us, the work in the vineyard comes down to the following: in the trust for the future, in the courage of investing in something which will give its fruits later on, and in the constant passion dedicated to the gifts of nature.