We are a warm and welcoming winery, where you can immerse yourself in the world of wine, helped and pampered by two young cheerful and creative Enologists and by Natale, an expert viniculturist, knowledgeable and very kind.

Wine tasting with Cascina Albano is an that allows you to blend visual, gustative, olfactory and tactile sensations in a unique experience which amazes and stimulates the imagination. For us, each tasting is a moment in which curiosity, seduction and attention to detail come together.

At Cascina Albano you will taste with your brain – our tastings embrace the philosophy of “informed tasting,” which not only satisfy the palate, but also expands the knowledge of the taster. You will discover the product quality through the peculiarities that make it unique, qualities that make the wine a cultural expression of the land.

Certain fruit notes appear only when the wine is young, but through the right maturation or aging, we can capture the gustative differences that lead to excellence. The wine is a show worth to be witnessed, through the evolution of the perfumes and aromas leading to its gustative complexity.

Our family will be happy to drive and support you in this amazing travel towards the pursuit of quality, in which memory and pleasure are the road to follow.

To book a visit and tasting write to info@cascina-albano.com