Our mission

“Drinking well,” as a symbol of love for oneself

Offering our customers exclusively high-quality wines produced with the highest food safety standards is our daily commitment. When we talk about drinking well, we are not only referring to the aspect of taste, but rather, to a tool that allows for the discovery of the history and the tradition of viticulture and Italian enology, incredibly full of authentic passions and emotions worth remembering.

For us, the raw materials are always the main characters, both for our wines produced under traditional methods as well as for the more creative ones. With excellent wines and innovative ideas, we want to bring to life the atmosphere and the aromas of Langhe.

Cascina Albano carefully follows every step of the production, from the vines to the bottle, so as to offer safe and authentic products, all of them made with love.

Wake up your soul

The philosophy of Cascina Albano is based on gifting intense experiences that can wake up your soul harmoniously blending parts traditions with present emotions.

Thanks to the personalization of classic Piemontese wines, revised with creativity and passion, each sip will take you to a world of pleasure. Our philosophy is to create wines that will preserve all the qualities, flavors, colors and aromas present during their production. We also want to display their story and personality through the labels, small works of art where poetry and images come together.

Each day, we try to make the world a better place: transmitting love and serenity to our customers, caring about our professional relationships and meeting the needs of our partners.

Our goal is to convey a dynamic and authentic image of the world of wine. Discovering Cascina Albano means discovering the tradition, perfectly blended with quality and creativity, all while living a sincere and unforgettable experience.

Made with love, made in Italy

All our products are made with love; through their excellence, they aim to be a positive addition to the Italian territory.
They are created following the five principles of the business ethic: loyalty, respect, security, creativity and altruism.

We strive to uphold these fundamental values with our customers and partners. For us, in fact, each relationship is a special one and we aim to look after every detail and meet the needs of our customers.

Cascina Albano works within the territory, dealing with Italian companies and investing in young people, greatly investing both time and resources. In addition, we strive daily to respect nature and our territory by protecting the environment, working in a professional way, searching product integrity and quality, as well as showing respect for people.