Exposition in our winery

Our art exposition project in the winery was born from our perception of art as incentive for community life, able to captivate, innovate and develop the territory and the cultural richness of its inhabitants.

Moreover, this project represents our way of managing a winery with free mind (and bit of madness), which is needed when you want to be out of the ordinary.

The idea is to unite the work in the vineyard and in the winery with the word of art, creating a revolutionary combination: art and wine. Two high-quality products of the Made in Italy, united by a lifestyle that supports creativity, good taste and pleasure.

This is why, starting from 2013, Cascina Albano holds art expositions of local emerging artists. Our winery is open every day and can be visited during when the expositions are held, in order to taste our wines, small works of art themselves within the glass, together with fascinating art expressions. Cascjna Albano is becoming a place where you can enjoy the amazing view of the hills and breathe the creative and original atmosphere of an art gallery.