Drinking among vineyards

Cascina Albano is a welcoming and relaxing place, one that is able to captivate its guests in the refined simplicity of the hills of Langhe. Among the various activities of the company, we want to offer you an experience which will wake up your soul, stimulating your palate and fantasy.

For this reason we created the project drinking among vineyards to give our customers the possibility to taste (during spring and summer) our wines outdoors, in the garden, peacefully surrounded by vineyards. In addition (for the more inventive), we offer the chance to taste inside an old barrel, which has now been transformed into a small realm of pleasure.

Moreover if your desire is to sip a glass of wine listening only to your soul and what surrounds you, Cascina Albano gives you an unconventional experience. Here, you can buy a bottle of wine and drink it in our garden, by yourself, as a couple or with your friends, as if you were at home. We will provide you the glasses, and the napkins. You will be free to drink and relax surrounded by the hills, with the amazing view of Neive and Barbaresco – all of this at a very affordable prize.

We trust this project because it is founded on the belief that everybody deserves the possibility to have a nice break from the everyday life, drinking good wines, surrounded by nature and by a breathtaking landscape.