Barbaresco is a wonderful town, known for its excellent products and its wonderful and unique landscape.

The vine landscapes welcomes you as soon as you enter the town, made up small, picturesque houses and wonderful historic buildings. In the centre, you will find several landmarks not to be missed: the medieval tower, the St. John the Baptist’s Church, the Castle of Barbaresco, the city hall, and St. Donato church.

Hidden among the hills, you can find a lot of friendly and welcoming restaurants where you can taste delicious traditional dishes paired with great Piemontese wines.

The territory is full of wineries that strive daily to produce excellent wines and to meet the needs of their customers. Each winemaker, in fact, represents the land: respecting the tradition and making his wine .
One of the strength of our town is the cooperation among winemakers and the sharing of the same values and ideals.

Selfishness is undoubtedly a weakness and that is why we trust and give space to the other producers on our territory. We don’t consider them as competitors, but rather as partners.

This web page wants to be a guide for citizens and tourists, representing a selection of the activities, restaurants, shops and facilities within our territory that evolves day by day. Here, you can find all the businesses that have decided to partner along with us.