Art and territory

The Langhe is a land of high-quality wines and food and beautiful landscapes. Each hill is a small work of art where shapes and colors create harmonious expressions of grace and equilibrium.

In 2014 Langhe, Roero and Monferrato were nominated as UNESCO patrimony in order to make the world recognize the value of the amazing landscape of Piemontese wines. It is a diverse landscape, in which the culture and traditions linked to the wine display themselves in different aspects of everyday life including literature, art, festivities, gastronomy and language.

Barbaresco is one of the most prestigious enological areas in the world; it should be visited slowly, appreciating every hill and panoramic view in order to rediscover the rare pleasure made up of peace and nature. It is a beautiful union of culture, grace and good wine, linked to the pace of nature, which dictates the vacation period.

This territory is characterized by different activities linked not only to art. Concerts, shows and expositions take place everyday, enchanting both tourists and citizens. Thanks to guided tours, every known or unknown part of the landscape can be discovered.

During springtime and in the period of “Truffle Fair” there are many activities dedicated to the discovery of our territory. Langhe is a place worth to be visited – once you are here, you can choose to visit museums, do sport and outdoor activities, or indulge in the offerings of the great wineries and chefs.