Among the vineyards

We believe that the land can give the wine all the qualities and the energy that characterize it, enriching every single glass. That is why Cascina Albano has undertaken different activities for the respect of the environment in which we are working and also to guarantee the health of the soil, the air and the grapes. All our agricultural choices are based on principles of integrated vineyard management, which looks at the vineyards as a perfect ecosystem, in which everything is in equilibrium and according to which all the living beings have to be respected because they are useful and delicate.

Fr many years now, our winery is committed to not use insecticides and to control the dangerous infestations. One example is the vineyard moth that is nowadays handled with the method of the sexual confusion.

Moreover Cascina Albano recycles the rainwater and uses it for the treatments in the vineyards. We do not use any kind of weed killer, promoting instead the grass cover among the vineyards through the spontaneous grassing. We are also facilitating the biodiversity by seeding perennial grasses and mixed green manure. This method improves the natural fertilization and the life in the subsoil, the place where vine roots benefit from highly important natural macro and micro organisms.

According to us the conservation of the environment does not only involve the management of the vineyards, but involves also the respect for the wine landscape, a work of art created by the man when in absolute harmony with nature.