ProWein 2015, visit Cascina Albano at Hall 15/B19

ProWein 15

This week,  Cascina Albano heads to ProWein 2015, one of the largest and most well-respected European wine trade fairs and we know that it requires a serious strategy. There serious business to be done and seriously good times to be had, but it requires a certain military planning in order to survive.

Trade fairs are the most hardcore types of wine trip. There are no pretty vineyards or mountain views to perk you up and keep you going, just an air conditioned, windowless, soulless exhibition center, often for days at a time. Early starts, late nights, meeting after meeting, tasting tank samples at 9.15 in the morning – it’s no party.

Here are just a few  tips to turn you into a wine trade fair pro.


Forget carbs here,  cause carbs will form an essential and unavoidable part of the trip itself. In the preparatory stages, you need to be pre-loading everything you’ll miss during the fair – exercise and nutrients. You can achieve this by spending the preceding week on a juice and vegan-based diet, along with a rigorous schedule of spinning, yoga and running. Or do as we are doing… email, email, email, email, email…


This is to be done carefully, thoughtfully, precisely and IN NO WAY in a frenetic hour while already late for the airport. Key essentials are the three Ps: pants, passport and painkillers. If you have these, everything else will sort itself out.


This is pretty tricky. These fairs are usually quite smart and frequently involve going straight to an evening event or dinner after a day of meetings, but long days also mean that comfort is a must. Layering is key here, as are jackets or scarves to add a bit of style to a basic, comfy outfit. Dark colors are the best idea – don’t be the fool with a massive red wine stain down your shirt for the entire day. Don’t even think about heels, flats are the way forward.


Talking of all that tasting, you’re going to need something to soak it up. Eat. Eat whatever and whenever you can because, after your hotel breakfast of a stale bun and a disappointing yoghurt, you have no idea of when the next sustenance will come. Lunch may not happen if you’re running late for an appointment, dinner may be at a painfully continental time, by which your insides will have started to digest themselves. Carbs are your friend – eat now and worry about your straining waistband when you get home, this is no time for restraint. Also, and I can’t say this strongly enough, DRINK WATER. ALL THE WATER. ALL THE TIME.

So, dear trade-fair-ready friends, we wait you at Hall 15 stand B19.

We’ll be back soon with updates from the Front Line at ProWein 2015.